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Compact Calendar 1.2.3 by JorgeLuis-JorgeLuis Compact Calendar 1.2.3 by JorgeLuis-JorgeLuis
A calendar based on a work by David Seah. ([link])

The features are:
This addon for Rainlendar has 2 windows:
* A year calendar (Year Compact Calendar)
* A variable calendar (Week Compact Calendar)
* The month name is at the same line of the 1st. day of the month.
* There's no space between days.
* You can select on the Week Compact Calendar the numbers of week before and after the current month.

UPDATE: 2011-07-07
Fixed in version 1.2.3:
* Updated the variables to match with the latest version of Shadow4 skin.

UPDATE: 2011-04-10
Fixed in version 1.2.2:
* Months names are sometimes missing when the window shows for the first time or refreshed.

UPDATE: 2011-02-23
Added in version 1.2.1:
* Months names can now be located on the right side of the calendar.
* Option to hide/show the name of the incomplete previous month.

UPDATE: 2011-02-20
Added in version 1.2:
* Buttons for previous and next year
* Buttons for previous and next month (only in Weeks Compact Calendar)
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February 12, 2011
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